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Fantasy is essential to ones imagination. From movies, television, poems, books, and daydreams we all participate and desire some type of fantasy. If it’s Dystopian, Elvish, Medieval, Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Space, Dark, or Traditional there is a fantasy story for everyone. From blog post, short story, poetry, photography, to published ebook I strive to entertain in this realm of Fantasy. Influenced by some of the great powerhouses of Fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, Michael A. Stackpole, these favorites inspire me to bring my very best to printed form, contributing to the wonderful art of Fantasy.

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“I thank you for your patronage and support for Independent Authors. Enjoy my site and come back often. Happy reading my friends.” ~Robert Penner

© 2014 – Present. All works copyright by Robert Penner. All names, cities, lands, persons, creatures, titles, etc, are a product of Robert Penner’s imagination and any similarities are a pure coincidence. Known mythical creatures such as Elves, gnomes, dwarfs, etc. are public ideas.

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